Curator: Josephine Bosma

26 September - 24 October 2020

Participating artists: Addie Wagenknecht, Annie Abrahams & Daniel Pinheiro, Amy Alexander, Claudia Del & Jaume Clotet, Evelina Domnitch & Dimitry Gelfand, Knowbotiq, Nancy Mauro-Flude, PolakVanBekkum, Stephanie Syjuco, Valentina Gal, Winnie Soon

Online Opening, Saturday September 26th, 17.00 (CEST)



Net Art already exists since the mid 90s, but now is a great time to dive back into all the great works of art the internet has to offer. The urgency of this type of art becomes apparent in these times. The more because traditional works of art that are shown online have the disadvantage that they are reduced to pictures on your screen and that the work actually only really comes into its own when you are standing before it. These times demand for something different and the art form that is undoubtedly best equipped for these conditions is Net Art, art made for the internet.

For this exhibition, no works have to be shipped. No one has to leave their house. And best of all: the works can be experienced in full glory. The only thing you will need is an internet connection. Sit back and enjoy!

In spring 2020 Upstream and Constant Dullaart made plans to develop a new online platform. Joining forces with Jan Robert Leegte, Jonas Lund and Ties van Asseldonk & Deborah Mora of Interaction Design Artez the idea became an online platform meant for exhibitions developed, curated and participated by artists and curators that belong to the top of the digital art world. This new exhibition, curated by net art critic and theorist Josephine Bosma is the fifth show on the platform.

For more information please contact Upstream Gallery:

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