Curated by Jan Robert Leegte
Until 7 June 2020

A show about our awkwardness, aches and astonishment with our mediated selves. Do our avatars share our dreams at night?

β€œIt’s like being in an aquarium” - Josephine Bosma mentioned during a Jitsi gallery opening, observing 20 people side by side looking at each other, not knowing what to say in this precarious but novel condition. The Lockdown has accelerated our forced embrace with our mediated selves. Headaches, loss of focus, but also experimentation, resulting in new and exciting ways of communicating.

Our history with computers is also a history of our real-time representation within computers. It being an interactive medium, the machine needs our presence in some way; a mouse pointer, the typing of letters in a text field, a voice, moving avatar or video stream. But how deeply related we are with our representation, it operates in a different realm. The mirror or echo of our actions has a flavour of its own. This dissociation brings in a digital weird that becomes a new space.

This exhibition showcases works from 1998 to 2020, that all navigate this space, reflecting on how our disembodied selves echo back their unique presence.

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note: During the opening the visitors experienced temporary interface features; You could choose an emoji as avatar and could to speak to other visiters who were in your vicinity. Currently you are a grey dot and can enjoy the show in peace. is a newly developed platform by artists for artists showing art in a natural online environment. To have the full experience, allow microphone access and add a username. The current show asks the visitor to choose an avatar.
This platform is optimised for Chrome / Desktop / Laptop. All others will have less features.

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Current show:   Echo, curated by Jan Robert Leegte

Platform development:   Ties van Asseldonk, Debora Mora, Jan Robert Leegte
Creative direction:   Jan Robert Leegte, Constant Dullaart
Platform and interaction concept:   Constant Dullaart
Additional technical support:   Jonas Lund
Production:   Jan Robert Leegte, Upstream Gallery Amsterdam